Sunday, 15 January 2012

I Will Be Doing Another Version Soon

So much for the promise of "No more new posts".  I pretty feel like that another adaptation is necessary to counter Power Rangers Samurai's lack of performance.  Well I'm not going to monsterize the characters of the show or anything like that, I'm just going to try and improve my writing style with another fan fic from scratch.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Karate Kid Anyone? White Student, Asian Mentor.

So okay Saban wasn't able to get an Asian red ranger and can't blame him because of auditions and whatever factor didn't go as planned, so anyway with an Asian mentor, things can still go good with an Asian theme. So I thought of the whole thing- Jayden is American and the mentor Takeru (can't Saban just select the name of a real Japanese martial artist instead like Takeshi?!) is Japanese (in script, the actor Rene Naufahu is a Pacific Islander in ethnicity) I get reminded of the older version of Karate Kid where a Japanese guy takes a white student. So I wonder if Jayden will start off as a goofy guy who'll mature throughout the series?

Somehow, I'm also reminded of Bruce Lee's statement that martial arts doesn't limit to just Asians, it's for all who wants to learn. Too bad though, Saban can't find somebody who looks like Bruce Lee to play the mentor instead. LOL. Then again, why do I get a feeling Jayden could be half-Japanese himself?! Besides, if Jayden were half-Japanese on the father side, some Oriental to Caucasian marriages can have a mother of strong Caucasian blood. LOL.

Monday, 4 October 2010

What I'm Thinking of the Real Shinkenger Adaptation That's Coming

A new Power Rangers season is coming and it's not this blog. Although I'm a bit of disappointed that they weren't able to get an Asian red ranger, maybe Haim Saban was planning on one but wasn't able to get one... oh well as long as the script is done well. Well drafts change overtime due to force majeure!

Anyway I kind of thought that they will be trained by a Japanese guy (but he's acted by a Pacific islander named Rene Naufahu) named Takeru (I wish Saban changes the name to something else from any Japanese martial arts expert, hee hee) so maybe, they're not descendants of samurais but then, why do I get the bad feeling Jayden could be half-Japanese?! I hope no disgusting stuff like Jayden being the bastard son of a Japanese guy and an American woman doesn't happen!

I wonder why Saban has not forgotten the Trini controversy. I mean Trini's existence didn't mock Asians. She was in fact a huge favorite for her being likable and tough, it was fun to watch her fight and at times, amaze her teammates with her toughness. I wish that the Asian female ranger was the yellow ranger instead and make her different from Kotoha.

So I wonder what I'm feeling towards this- if I were a child, I'd be more excited. But being more of a Sentai fan, not really.