Sunday, 28 November 2010

Karate Kid Anyone? White Student, Asian Mentor.

So okay Saban wasn't able to get an Asian red ranger and can't blame him because of auditions and whatever factor didn't go as planned, so anyway with an Asian mentor, things can still go good with an Asian theme. So I thought of the whole thing- Jayden is American and the mentor Takeru (can't Saban just select the name of a real Japanese martial artist instead like Takeshi?!) is Japanese (in script, the actor Rene Naufahu is a Pacific Islander in ethnicity) I get reminded of the older version of Karate Kid where a Japanese guy takes a white student. So I wonder if Jayden will start off as a goofy guy who'll mature throughout the series?

Somehow, I'm also reminded of Bruce Lee's statement that martial arts doesn't limit to just Asians, it's for all who wants to learn. Too bad though, Saban can't find somebody who looks like Bruce Lee to play the mentor instead. LOL. Then again, why do I get a feeling Jayden could be half-Japanese himself?! Besides, if Jayden were half-Japanese on the father side, some Oriental to Caucasian marriages can have a mother of strong Caucasian blood. LOL.

Monday, 4 October 2010

What I'm Thinking of the Real Shinkenger Adaptation That's Coming

A new Power Rangers season is coming and it's not this blog. Although I'm a bit of disappointed that they weren't able to get an Asian red ranger, maybe Haim Saban was planning on one but wasn't able to get one... oh well as long as the script is done well. Well drafts change overtime due to force majeure!

Anyway I kind of thought that they will be trained by a Japanese guy (but he's acted by a Pacific islander named Rene Naufahu) named Takeru (I wish Saban changes the name to something else from any Japanese martial arts expert, hee hee) so maybe, they're not descendants of samurais but then, why do I get the bad feeling Jayden could be half-Japanese?! I hope no disgusting stuff like Jayden being the bastard son of a Japanese guy and an American woman doesn't happen!

I wonder why Saban has not forgotten the Trini controversy. I mean Trini's existence didn't mock Asians. She was in fact a huge favorite for her being likable and tough, it was fun to watch her fight and at times, amaze her teammates with her toughness. I wish that the Asian female ranger was the yellow ranger instead and make her different from Kotoha.

So I wonder what I'm feeling towards this- if I were a child, I'd be more excited. But being more of a Sentai fan, not really.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

RPM From the Future Part 2

In the last episode, Venjix escaped into the present before the apocalyptic setting happened. He has now infiltrated into the computer systems of the military. Everything is going crazy. That is including the RPM Rangers.

"I'm seeing it all over again." said Scott "Like in our future. I hope those guys have finished the data processing."

"I think we can just retreat to headquarters." said Michael.

"Gem and Gemma should get it done." said Ziggy "They may be hyper and all but they're geniuses."

At the base, the anti-virus program has been completed.

"At last! It's finished!" said Gem.

"That's right brother." said Gemma.

"Well..." said Gem.

"Let's take it." said Gemma.

Just then Michael arrived. Director Samuel Hung said, "This is terrible. The military is being taken over by a deadly computer virus."

"I know." said Michael.

"We have finished the anti-virus." said Flynn "But the problem is, to infiltrate the military headquarters. I think we need some subtle tactics."

"Problem is though, we've got three hypers." said Michael.

"I think that can be taken care of." said Marianne "We'll have to infiltrate. So here's the plan. At the downside of the military base is a sewage. We have to bear it."

"I think we can do something." said Gem.

"We can disguise as Grinders." said Gemma.

"We attack some..." said Gem.

"And get their suits." said Gemma.

"Good thinking." said Flynn "Now the city is under siege right now. I have duplicated the anti-virus. I have the original copy but the copies will just do well."

"We should be able to enter into the main system and shut down the defenses." said Michael "And insert the anti-virus program."

As they were speaking, it was time to infiltrate the military base. Venjix is seen taking over it and running haywire in the world's PC systems.

"Now this world will be mine without those RPM brats interfering." said Venjix.

On the other hand, Michael and Marianne had a copy of the CD. They were under the disguise of military personnel now under Venjix's control. Everyone else is quiet as a mouse, even the three hyper guys Gem, Gemma and Gavan. Then we see them cracking down some Grinders.

Roberto said in a soft voice, "We have to keep this base intact. We only blow it up if need be."

"Got it." said Gem, Gemma and Gavan.

Charles and Kornelia were also with them, taking down any security lasers that got along the way.

Scott, Summer, Flynn, Ziggy and Dillon had been observing the whole facility. They had begun knocking down the guards in a very quiet manner. On the other hand, Michael and Marianne had just reached the security switch.

"This is it." said Marianne.

Marianne and Michael entered into the facility. Some grinders appeared but they knocked them down cold. Just then the switch was near. They finally turned off the switch.

"We just need to activate the computer." said Michael "With this disc, we should try running the anti-virus to at least, kill the virus worldwide."

"Yes." said Marianne. They began to insert the CD right into the computer and installed the software and began the virus run.

"Let's meet the others at the central gate as agreed. But still be on guard. Some grinders are still guarding." said Michael.

"Roger." said Marianne.

Venjix had sat down, lax at his victory. Just then as he was inside the main center, the RPM Rangers met with Gem, Gemma, Gavan, Charles and Kornelia. Michael and Marianne arrived.

"We have shut down the security although it won't shut down the Grinders." said Michael.

"This is it. It's time to end the fury of Venjix here." said Scott "And insert the anti-virus into Venjix once and for all. Literally."

They barged on the door and discovered Venjix was there.

"What? I thought I have had taken over the systems. How can you..." said Venjix.

"You let your guard down. You were overconfident." said Gem.

"That's right. You should never underestimate the power of humans." said Gemma.

"Fools! I am invincible!" said Venjix.

"We have to destroy him." said Michael.

Both teams did their transformation and roll call. They beat up the Grinders and the RPM team was fighting Venjix.

"Last we fought, you were merely sealed. This time you will be destroyed." said Scott.

"Fools! I'm taking you all to the digital world!" said Venjix.

A portal to the digital world appeared. Just then, they were in the computer world.

"This is ironic." said Gavan "First we worked with computers, now we're in it."

"In this world I am going to grow giant!" said Venjix.

Venjix grew giant and it was a terrible thing. Fortunately, Director Samuel Hung was monitoring at the base and sent bits and pieces copies of the zords to them.

"Rangers. I have sent computer program versions of your zords to battle him. I'm running the anti-virus now." said Director Samuel Hung through a headset.

"And you will be able to use them like they were there." said Karen.

Just then a portal opened. It was Dr. K.

"So you're Dr. K who the rangers were talking about." said Director Samuel Hung.

"I am." said Dr. K "Let me use the headset and let me input their zords too. It's their only chance to win."

Dr. K then spoke, "Rangers I have arrived in the present but it won't be for long. We must hurry. I forgot to tell you, you only have a week before you are all sent back to our time."

"Doctor." said Scott.

"No time to talk. Use your zords with them. The anti-virus is in its system." said Dr. K "Defeat Venjix before he destroys this time too."

Now the battle was being fought. Both the RPM Ultrazord and the Dynasty Ultrazord were outclassed. It was no use.

"Fools. You will perish here in the digital world. As long as I'm alive, you'll never escape." said Venjix.

"It's time to execute the new attack." said Flynn.

"New attack?" asked Scott.

"We designed it." said Gem.

"To fire the anti-virus straight at that guy." said Gemma.

"Let's do it." said Michael.

The Dynasty Megazord, the Lobsterzord, the Zenith Megazord and the Bull Warriorzord are there. The Lobsterzord's cannon appeared there and it was time to fire it. The anti-virus was installed into the buster.

"We only have one shot." said Scott "Let's not waste it."

With one aim, the blast was fired straight at Venjix. Just in time, the anti-virus did the detection and was now aware of the new malware.

"No! This can't be!" said Venjix.

"But it is." said Flynn "Your days are numbered."

Venjix was now being dissolved into nothingness. The virus that was once him ended. The worldwide chaos of the bug ended. Just then they were vomited out of the computer.

"Oh!' they all said. They came out of the computer inside the Lee Shan household.

"I'm here." said Dr. K "I managed to find a way to retrieve you guys back. I created a time bracelet to open a portal."

"Dr. K." said the RPM rangers "We did it."

"I'm glad. Now we'll be back soon enough." said Dr. K.

They had three days more to stay. In it they began to explore the world before it was damaged. Just then it was time to say goodbye.

"We bid you farewell." said Scott "It was nice working with you."

"We too." said Michael. The two shook hands. Just then a bright light flashed, they were gone.

"We'll miss them." said Charles "It was fun while it lasted."

"Don't you have to study?!" said Roberto.

"Oh my! I forgot!" said Charles.

Fortunately the virus was stopped before it escalated. Venjix was but a memory now. With the anti-virus created, things were now different in the future. It was as if it never happened.

Dr. K was now able to stop Venjix from ever coming to life. The RPM powers were never needed.

Back at the present, Michael and Marianne were at the fields. Just then, Marianne's tummy began to ache.

"What the..." said Michael.

"We'll go to the doctor." said Marianne.

Marianne had herself checked. Michael was worried. Just then she found out there was nothing wrong with her but that she was PREGNANT. She had never gone home and had been with Michael almost all the time.

"Marianne Sherwood, every test proves you're negative of any tumors. The reality is you're pregnant." said the doctor.

"Pregnant?" asked Marianne.

"Yes you are pregnant. It's a normal pregnancy so nothing to worry about." said the doctor.

"And you're the father?" asked the doctor.

"I am." said Michael. Marianne could be sure that Michael was indeed the father of her child.

Now that Marianne's pregnant... hmmm... you know what's coming!