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Act 36- Indian Food Craze

It's already episode 36... woohoo! Anyway it's time for another Power Rangers Sword Dynasty episode.

At the Lee Shan clan's restaurant (this is the a plot twist) namely the Imperial Restaurant, Gavan is shown to be preparing some food. A chubby guy named Richard, the restaurant's current manager is there. Now we now where they get their money. :-P (Now we know where Gavan works these days!)

"Well I suppose we can add something else. After all, we can't rely on what's here you know." said the manager "I wonder if adding Indian food will do."

Gavan was suddenly thinking of it. He went into the kitchen with some spices and began to show the manager what he can do. With a few dishes, he made some curry.

"Let me taste it." said the restaurant manager. He was astonished. At the back, Michael is shirtless and slicing some vegetables with his sword to help the restaurant (an off-screen event). He was doing everything precisely. He then arrived and gave some of the vegetables to the manager.

"Young master..." said the restaurant manager "I guess you haven't gotten rid of your old skills." He was seen moving stuff out of the truck with the other employees.

"Thanks." said Michael "Now if you excuse me, I'll be cutting the rest to help you all."

"Then let it be done at once. Here's additional payment for you two." said Michael handing them money.

"No thanks." said the manager "Just give it to Gavan. I didn't think of it."

Michael of course here is trying to keep the Lee Shan's business in place as to make sure everybody still has their livelihood. He as a writer was a best seller. Marianne suddenly arrived with everybody's head turning.

"Michael... what's that strong smell?" asked Marianne "Is it something new."

"It's Indian food." said Michael "It's a new item in the menu. And we're selling a portion for only one dollar."

Kornelia, Charles and Roberto followed. They wanted to try the curry too. They found it delicious.

"It's no doubt that he has magical skills." said Marianne "Oh well, I have more to learn because I'm not very good with spicy stuff."

"You'll get the hang of it." said Michael. They began feeding each other.

"Young master, we'll start distributing your brochures soon." said the manager "I'm sending the servants to do so." The Lee Shan's vassals were with Fat and Thin, passing out the new items.

At the Death Ship, Geddor is in good condition without the oozing. Arabus finally introduces his monster which pisses Deceptor off.

"I can't let you have all the glory Deceptor." said Arabus "As chief adviser to Geddor, this monster known as the Shredder Crusher will be our new aid."

"Hmph!" said Deceptor "Let's see about that."

"Send him at once." said Emperor Geddor.

Meanwhile the restaurant was getting so full. They were there to taste the new items. Michael and the manager were unusually chuckling.

"Well I guess he's earned it." said the manager "I guess the office staff is happy. I wonder if we can add a variation to your favorite beef soup?"

"Why not?" said Michael "But better let every one in the staff taste it first." However out of his clumsiness, the manager fell down.

"Sorry! Sorry!" said Michael as the manager was hit by his elbow "I have to be more careful."

"Better be or somebody else might get hurt." said the manager.

Just then as Gavan's secret mix was done and the chefs were preparing everything, the phone rang to inform them of a new attack. At the city, the Shredder Crusher is doing some serious damage. The six rangers arrived on time.

"This is terrible. His spinning attack is hard to reach." said Michael.

Charles attempted to stop the monster but his sword's blade broke. "Darn it! We'll have to get that spare." said Charles.

Just as Gavan got near, however the monster began to spin slowly.

"What the? This isn't possible." said Gavan. The monster began to spin out of control. What could have caused it.

"I hate this smell..." said Shredder Crusher. He began to retreat as he automatically ran out of water because of that certain scent. What could it be?

Back at the base, the rangers save Gavan were there. They were watching TV. A reporter (I'll use Walter Emmanuel Jones as a guest, miss that guy but he's NOT Zack okay) is then asking.

"Dude your new food is hot." said the reporter "And this Chinese-owned restaurant is now selling more than just Chinese and American, there's the new curry."

Gavan could not answer at first. Then he said, "Just try the food yourself."

"Wow! The curry rice is good." said the reporter.

"We'll need to get more servants." said Director Samuel Hung.

The chefs in the restaurant were busy. The manager was then coming out to entertain questions. Then he said, "Please don't stress our chef. He may not make good curry anymore if you ask too many questions. The secret is always a secret. It's important our secret is kept. However you may taste the new beef noodles soon when they're ready."

Back at the Death Vessel, Shredder Crusher was overreacting.

"I hate the smell of spicy food. Argh!" said Shredder Crusher.

"You are overreacting." said Arabus "You have to overcome it or else."

At the base, the rangers were still pondering on what scent did the monster hate.

"Could it be he hates the smell of spices?" asked Charles "I mean when he went near Gavan, he reacted badly."

"Maybe." said Kornelia "Well it may just be it. What if we need to smell bad for awhile that is smell like curry?"

"I think it might work." said Marianne
"But I won't do the cooking of curry. I think we need Gavan's help."

Gavan began preparing some curry. The rangers began to enjoy the new curry. Marianne even thought she has something to learn about cooking.

Michael's enjoying the curry, hope I can make some for him even at this point. said Marianne. She was after all his future bride. Just as they ate some strong flavored curry, they were not to shower.

"I guess we're ready." said Gavan.

Just as they were finished eating an Indian curry snack while sweating, the monster began to show up. The receptor was there. There were some curry left in the pot.

"I think you should take some to battle." said Director Samuel Hung "It might be his weakness based on analysis."

Just as they went to battle, the monster Shredder Crusher reappeared. The rangers were now having the curry scent.

"Let's finish this." said Michael "Dynasty transform!"

The rangers donned their suits but it couldn't cover the stench. Gavan prepared the pot.

"Not that scent again! No matter I'll win this!" said Shredder Crusher. He was frantic and began spinning.

"Yellow use the battlizer." said Michael.

"Thanks." said Kornelia "Battlizer mode."

Kornelia began to do a powerful spin to counter Shredder Crusher. She was releasing some of the curry scent making him go crazy and countering him. He span too fast and became dizzied by the scent of curry.

"I hate that scent. What more curry?" said Shredder Crusher.

"It's time to finish this." said Gavan "Eat some more." He moved at fast speed, putting curry into his mouth until he was stuffed.

"Time to finish this." said Kornelia "Yellow Dynasty Ranger battlizer mode super slash." She did a super slash defeating the monster.

The monster began to enlarge. "Now it's time to finish this!" said Shredder Crusher.

Lantern Boy and Great Warrior Dynasty Megazord prepare for battle. However he was doing more spin attacks but he was countered by Lantern Boy.

"It's time we finish this." said Michael "Dynasty Ultrazord!"

The Dynasty Ultrazord was finally formed and fired the ultimate attack, destroying Shredder Crusher.

At the restaurant, the rangers had just passed through the most rigorous shower yet. Now it was done.

"I guess we can eat more curry later but of course we take a shower immediately." said Marianne.

"And I can't believe I also got to wear the battlizer." said Kornelia.

Gavan just then had a surprise. It was the new beef noodles mixed with Indian spices.

"I the manager bring you the new mix, the Indian-Chinese beef noodle." said the manager.

"It tastes good." said Michael "But of course, limit the reporters."

"Thanks." said Gavan.

Episode ends for now. Does anybody want the next episode?

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