Sunday, 1 August 2010

More Previews... Extended!

Here are some episodes and I've decided to put more in the pickings. Hopefully somebody will help me finish this fan-fiction ASAP. There are some changes too. Take your picks now.

Act 36- Indian Food Madness (Now we figure out one of the the Lee Shan clan's income sources, hee hee)

The Lee Shan clan's restaurant is about to try some Indian food in its cuisine as proposed by Kornelia who enjoys curry. On the other hand a new monster known as Spin-O-Rama appears but he seems to be scared of the Lee Shan Eatery's new item.

Act 37- Sticky Situation

The Styx has sent a new monster called the Stickinator to deal with the Power Rangers. Roberto and Charles end up tied with each other and must figure out a way to separate themselves.

Act 38- The Gunman of Destruction

A countryside area is being haunted by the new menace called the Insane Gunman. This happens to be the home town of Director Samuel Hung. The rangers must liberate this village at all costs.

Episode 39- Village of the Damned

While Marianne's parents go to vacation in Hawaii, their village is suddenly turned gloomy and dark by Deceptor's latest evil plot. Deceptor has released a spell turning the villagers to have unusually pale skin, white hair and the ability to DESTROY THINGS. The heroes go to Marianne's farm town to save it before Marianne's parents return home.

Episode 40- The Emperor's Rage

Emperor Geddor, fearful of his secret about to be revealed wants to get the shamisen from Lady Ling. On the other hand, Deceptor is near to discovering the dreadful secret of Emperor Geddor, which may soon cause problems for the Styx.

Episode 41- Hunger Strikes

Deceptor sends a new monster known as the Gourmet in hopes of making human gluttony increase the level of the dark particles. Kornelia being the only one unaffected has to find a way to undo the spell.

Episode 42- Deceptor's Final Attack

Deceptor decides its time to use the dark particles, which he creates portals to release them into the air. He has Skullslash and Lady Ling to help him.

Episode 43- Deceptor's Demise

Deceptor finally reveals his plans which will soon lead to his very demise in this episode.

Episode 44- The Lady of the Lee Shan Clan

Finally, the lady of the Lee Shan clan will appear. Writers you know who I mean. :-P

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